Solkrieg - Lavender Town: Dream Eater Mix

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Although I am not a fan of Pokémon, this dubstep remix of Lavender Town is just absolutely fantastic. It offers more classic instruments than most forms of dubstep, which sound very good together. The wubs are very heavy, but they are mastered very nicely. The overall quality of the piece is astounding, and definitely worth a listen.

The piece opens up with plucks of an instrument that reminds me of one of those creepy music boxes and you can also hear quiet vocals in the background. You can start to hear the violin phase in, and then, the percussion kicks in with a nice, steady but exciting, beat. The violin is now very distinguished and audible, and definitely adds to the tone of the piece itself. And then... the drop. A combination of classical instruments as well as synthesizers make this part of the piece absolutely wonderful. The percussion is also amazing here as it really adds to the excitement of the drop. However, this is only the first drop. The second drop comes in with some very heavy sounding wubs that will have you on the edge of your seat. While all this is going on, it still fits in with the main Lavender Town melody. Later, we hear more distinct violin playing and another drop. Eventually, however, the highlight of the piece comes to a closure with the familiar music box instrument heard in the beginning of the song.

Solkrieg only has 87 followers on Soundcloud and he deserves more. You can find a variety of video game remixes on both his Soundcloud and Newgrounds accounts. Go check him out and leave some feedback!

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