Dj-Jo - Galactic Idiots

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Although Dj-Jo has over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, he is very underrated on SoundCloud, with only 57 followers. His song, Galactic Idiots, really is a masterpiece.

The piece begins with some an amazing beat, where the hi-hats and cymbals really come out. It continues with some chords that arouse suspicion, and then... the drop. The wubs are really nice sounding, and the mastering is just brilliant. We hear more of what we hear in the beginning of the piece now, but more layered. This part of the piece almost reminds me of the music you'd hear in Plants Vs. Zombies. Then, another drop, and more dubstep. Again, the wubs sound fantastic, very clean and heavy. Finally, the piece ends with the melody we had heard in the beginning of the piece.

This piece is very well done and upbeat. It gives you feelings of curiosity and suspense, and the wubs sound great. Dj-Jo also has many other great songs up on his YouTube and Soundcloud, including remixes of Zelda songs. Go check out Dj-Jo and give him a listen!

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