Invictous - Here We Go

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Invictous, signed to Xenomorph Recordings, is still majorly underrated and really needs to be in the light. He is only 15, with 1,300+ followers you could sat that he is getting attention but for the skills that he has he should have many, many more.

This unique intro caught my attention as soon as I first started the track. Even though this is just a clip i can see this as being a huge track.

The dark but melodic style it will have you searching for words, as I am now. The use of the guitar in the intro puts a real twist on the, normal Dubstep/Darkstep that I listen to. With the more natural sounding drums and sounds at the start this song sounds like a rock song, but as the track progresses the more complex sounds come in bringing the song straight into a dark and gritty state. The melodic growl within this song used by him in various ways is used as the main driving synth, although the drums sound natural at the start they change into a more heavy and hard hitting drums which are really shown within the track. Be ready for some major releases from Invictous, and from the guys over at Xenomorph Recordings.

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